October 23, 2018

I’m researching the ability to distinguish between what you're seeing that's actually out there in
the world, and the images that are internally generated (through cognitive processes like
memory or imagination). In order to function successfully, it is imperative to m...

October 23, 2018

How long before robots take their mastery of games like chess or go and generalize to other
arenas of engagement on Earth? Some scientists, namely developmental roboticists, explore
the underlying mechanisms which could allow lifelong, open-ended learning, similar to l...

October 23, 2018

Starting to explain, I’d open my palm and excitedly tick off
the five concentration areas I’d found on the Johns Hopkins
University website: “Neuroscience, linguistics, psychology,
computer science, and philosophy.” I was 13, pimply, and intensely
overjoyed at the pros...

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